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Oval Sheet Labels

Our oval label range includes a choice of different sizes, colours, and materials - ready to meet most business needs. Those who opt for our oval adhesive labels choose them for products which need to make an impact. Common places to see oval-shaped labels are on high-end products, such as candles, beauty and alcoholic beverages such as liquors and wine bottles.


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Oval Stickers That Last

Due to the rounded nature of oval-shaped labels, all label sizes will grip well on various surfaces and rarely catch or lift away. Available in both waterproof and standard adhesive varieties, these indoor and outdoor adhesive labels can be easily applied and, in some cases, re-applied for multiple uses.

Wholesome and Handmade Labelling

Is there a better feeling than sticking a product label onto your handmade product? Oval labels are commonly seen on beauty products, jars of preserves and cleaning and toiletries. The curved shape acts like a seal of approval and conforms nicely to the often awkward or slightly obtuse packaging often associated with unique handmade products.

Combination Labelling

Most products will have more than one label, each serving a specific purpose. The labels on your product need to pop with personality and stand out amongst the competition, while also being functional. Oval labels are very unique and great for product branding, but can often be awkward when considering how to display the important information, such as allergens and ingredients, required for selling products. 

Square and Rectangle labels offer plenty of usable space and are recognised across the industry as the go-to label shape for mandatory information. Other products have custom or industry-specific labels, such as tamper-proof seals. Tamper-proof labels are placed underneath other labelling and act as a security measure on food and beauty products. A broken tamper seal means the product has been opened. Check out our honeycomb tamper-proof labels as a great example of this.

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