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Frequently Asked Question

Here you can find most commonly asked questions about products, configuring labels, making and managing orders.


Your Invoice will be available through a link in the Order Confirmation, sent to the email address on the order.

If you have an online account with us, your Invoices for past orders will be available under the Order History tab.

You can pay through the website via Card, PayPal or you will be supplied with our BACS details on your order confirmation.

Please note if you checkout using the 'Purchase Order' option, without being an approved credit customer of ours, your order will not be processed until payment has been confirmed.

If you have been sent a Proforma Invoice by one of the team, please call us on 01733 646290 and an advisor will be able to take payment.

There are a few ways to reorder with us. If you would like to duplicate an old Order, you can click the little blue arrow button in your Order History. The details of the old Order will be duplicated and you can checkout as normal.

If you would like to amend any of the details on the job – such as the quantity – you will need to place a new Order. If you reference the old Order number in the notes on the job, the team will ensure to use any previously approved files/ internal notes are applied to your new Order.

As long as our production team has not already started working on your job we can amend your order. If you wanted to remove a product and the job has already been started then we are unable to stop this process.

Most of our Orders are accepted online via .

Through the website you can create your desired product by selecting the material type, quantity and finish before adding your item to the basket.

Once you are sure you have ordered everything your require, click on the basket and follow the checkout step by step until the order has completed. You should then receive a seven-digit order number.

After successful payment, we receive your order internally, and you will be sent a confirmation email of all your order details. 

Please check over your order details to ensure everything is correct. Your personalised product will be manufactured to your order requirements.

Yes, you can edit your order providing it hasn't been manufactured (or been approved if a Printed Order). 

If you have ordered the wrong item, get in touch with the Customer Service ASAP on 01733 646290 and we may be able to help. 

If we have started to make the job then our team will talk you through the next steps. Please note amendments to the order may extend your lead time.


If you require a temporary signage or want to liven up an interior space, self-adhesive graphics provide a quick and non-destructive way of improving an indoor environment. Self-Adhesive Wall Graphics are best applied to a clean and smooth wall.

We offer Permanent, Removable, Freezer and High Tack adhesives across our material range.

If you are unsure on what would work best for your intended application, we recommend ordering a sample or getting in touch.

Depending on your requirements for a job there are two ways in which we can ensure you receive the Product you require. We have the capability of ordering in a specific tool (called a die) set to your requirements. There is a one-off cost to order in your special tool.

Alternatively, if you are only in need of a small run, we can programme our Large Format machine to create bespoke sized Products on our Vinyl material.

Contact us on if you would like us to get a quote.

Yes, we have free material Samples available. 

Please note that as we manufacture all orders bespoke to requirements our samples are not of any specific sizes. To have samples available of every combination would require a lot of storage in our warehouse!

If you would like to see a specific size, we would recommend either ordering a minimum order quantity or printing a template of your size off at 100% to scale and cutting it out manually.

Currently we can offer White Ink and Lamination as additional premium finishes. Our hope is to introduce UV printing and Foiling in 2023. 

Keep an eye on the website for updates!

Our Vinyl material has been created for a very specific ink designed for large format printers so Laser or generic Inkjet printers will not be compatible. 

We have also found that Vinyl is considerably thicker than our other materials, which could potentially damage printers which are not designed for this type of material. 

From our own internal tests, we do not recommend printing onto Vinyl as print from Laser and Inkjet printers do not adhere to the surface. Please get in touch if you would like Printed Vinyl labels and the team can advise.

Polypropylene and Polyester are like-for-like materials in terms of the appearance of the material.

The main difference between the two is the thickness and tensile properties of the materials in application. Polypropylene often conforms to curved or awkward shapes better than Polyester as it has a natural tendency to curl.

We would recommend ordering a sample from our Sample Request Page to ensure these materials are compatible with your printer before placing a full order with us.

Both materials are transparent, but the Gloss/Matt finish affects the opacity of the material. 

The ‘Matt Clear’ material has a frosted appearance in comparison to the ‘Gloss Clear’, which offers a crisp and clear application. 

We would recommend ordering a sample to see which material you prefer for your intended use.

In order to get a quote over to you I do need to know the following details which are important to creating roll labels which are compatible to your printer;

  • Thermal Direct or Thermal Transfer printer
  • Core size of the roll label (diameter of the cardboard roll in the middle of the roll)
  • Overall/ External diameter of the roll (if this made too big it will not fit in your printer)
  • Outwound or Inwound (are the labels on the inside or the outside of the roll when you look at it)
  • Number of labels you are ideally looking for on a roll (we will create a roll to your bespoke requirements)

If you require us to print on the label;

  • Black/ Full Colour
  • What orientation do you need the labels to be on the roll
  • Are you using an applicator to apply your labels? If so the orientation will be important

Any further questions please drop us an email to and we will try to assist with your enquiry.

Does your Thermal Printer have a ribbon? If it does, you have a Thermal Transfer Printer. If it does not, then you likely have a Thermal Direct Printer. 

While the Roll Printer market is saturated with makes and models that can sometimes print both methods, it is always best to consult the printer manual, or your printer manufacturer, before ordering with us.

Lamination is a layer of Gloss or Matt film which protects the print on the Label from scuffs and/or water damage. As well as protective layer, Lamination provides a label with a premium finish.

Vinyl material is our most durable material and is considered fully waterproof. 

We do have ‘splashproof’ materials which can cope with a small exposure to water. These materials can become fully waterproof when laminated. 

We do offer a free Sample service if you wanted to try before you commit to an order, or get in touch if you wish to discuss lamination.

If you want to add some colour or personality into your Thermal Labels, select ‘Printed Labels’ on Step 3 of the Order and upload your artwork/ include colour references in the drop down text box. A designer will be in touch with a Proof once you have paid for your Order.

Have you seen our colour material range available on most Roll Label products? A simple splash of colour maybe all that you need.

Design & Print

If you are ordering a Printed Product from us – such as a milk bottle label - and you wish to print over this design when you receive them – for instance to add batch codes – the overprint button should be selected when placing the Order.

Selecting the overprint button informs the team the job will be printed on again and the material needs been primed and checked (again) for central alignment. This ensures easy printing for the end user.

We would strongly recommend ordering a sample of our Matt Black Textured Paper before you order this material with us. 

Printing onto black is not as easy as you may think. Most printers do not produce a solid colours, so the black colour of the material will absorb light and will create dull and often illegible print. Most printers also do not have the capability to print white ink. Many assume white in a design will print but often this is not the case unless you have a specialist printer with a white ink cartridge. 

Please order a sample before committing to an order as we do manufacture bespoke to your requirements and will not be able to accept a return should the material not work for you.

Firstly check that you have not ordered a Laser compatible material for your Inkjet printer. If this is the case, your print will not be successful.

Get in touch over email (with photos if applicable) if you are worried something is not quite right with your Product and we will investigate further for you. 

Different printers have different requirements, and we have certain materials that are primed for specific types of printers. 

The main difference between inkjet and laser printers are the consumables used to produce the print. Inkjet printers many used ink cartridges with a water/ solvent based ink. Print is produced as the ink is dropped onto a material’s surface. Laser printers also need cartridges, but they are filled with powder mixture called toner. A laser printer will use electrostatic charge and heat to fuse the toner to a material and fix the print in place.

Consult your printer manual or get in touch with your printer manufacturer for advice on how to achieve the best results on adhesive products,

Firstly, check your printer is capable of printing on Labels. Not all printers have the settings required to print successfully on Labels. Your printer manufacturer can help and we offer free samples to help you determine this.

If your printer is compatible, in your printer advanced settings there is often a way to change 'Media Type' to 'Labels'. Changing this setting forces your printer optimise it temperature and speed settings to assist printing your Labels.

At Flexi Labels we can print a layer of white ink underneath your design. 

As our ink is not 100% solid, this layer of white ink will boost colours and separate your design from the product underneath.

To achieve this, we would require a fully vectorised artwork. 

Please get in touch if you need assistance with setting up your design file before placing an order with us.

If you have a specific brand colour that you would like us to match, then we would require either the HEX code or the Pantone Reference of the colour. Please note we can only provide up to 90% colour match, but a physical colour sample to work with would be advisable.

Before approving your Proof, we would ideally like to send you a printed sample to ensure we can colour match your artwork.

Printing White Ink is a very specialist process. Only printers that are set up with a White Ink Cartridge will be able to print white. If you would like to print white at home, please order some material samples and trial this before committing to an order. Printers will often ignore white in an artwork unless the white has been allocated a special swatch colour in a design programme to help the printer identify it.

We can print White Ink at Flexi Labels. If your design contains white segments that you would like to be printed, please make us aware before you approve your Proof.

For more information on White Ink, please give us a call and we can see how we can achieve your final label design. 

Unfortunately, we do not have templates for Roll Printers. Different brands of Roll Printers will have their own software. We do try to include as much information on the product pages to ease the setting up your printer for our Labels. 

Should you need any more information on the product get in touch with us. For help on the template software, you will need to contact the software’s customer service team.

All templates are available on our website. You can find the correct template by clicking on the product page relevant to your chosen label size. We have a variety of file formats you can use.

If a template is not available, or you require some assistance please drop us an email to and an advisor will help with your query.

No, the blue line will not be printed. The blue line indicates where the edge of the Product/ Label will be in relation to the artwork. This is removed during the templating process once the Proofs have been approved.

Did you order 'X' amount of Labels per page and you are curious why you are only seeing one on the Proof? We check and set up only one artwork at a time to minimise mistakes during the proofing stages. If there is an amendment required, only one artwork needs to be updated. Once the Proofs have been approved, the artwork will be templated to a full page.

We do require artwork to be supplied with the following requirements:

  • CMYK colour
  • High Resolution (300 dpi recommended)
  • Vectorised Images where applicable
  • Minimum 3mm Bleed
  • Saved as either a PDF or PNG file (Preferably single page PDF)


If you have ordered Labels with us and you are applying to your product, please follow the advice below to ensure the best possible application. Before purchasing, it is always recommended to order a sample to trial on your product - especially if the surface is uneven or textured.

  • Store and apply Labels at a temperature above 10 degrees. Extreme temperatures can disturb the adhesive on the back of the labels. 
  • Where possible, keep the labels packed in the bags they have been sent in until they are needed. Dust and dirt can damage the labels and reduce their shelf life.
  • Clean the surface you are applying the label. Residue under the adhesive, especially oil or solvent based, may corrode the adhesive on the back of the labels.
  • When applying the labels, apply even pressure. The adhesive may take a few hours to completely bond to a surface.
  • Ensure there are no air bubbles which may affect the look or adhesion of the label to you product.
  • Should the labels need a little assistance, use a hair dryer to gently heat the label and active the adhesive. (Do not use this tip on Direct Thermal Labels as this could cause the material to darken)

If you need help applying your wall graphics, you can use the following steps to achieve a smooth, professional application:

  1. Before applying, clean the area thoroughly using soap and water. Do not use cleaning sprays as these may leave a residue which can affect the adhesive of the sticker. If you have recently painted the surface, we advise waiting at least 3 weeks before applying the sticker.
  2. Using a squeegee or similar tool, rub firmly across the sticker through the transfer tape. This will help the sticker cling to the transfer tape and removes any air bubbles.
  3. Remove the backing from the sticker. If the sticker still clings to the backing, slowly replace the backing and repeat step 2.
  4. Lower the sticker onto the surface slowly and use the squeegee to firmly smooth it into place. We recommend allowing 24 hours for the sticker to settle before proceeding with step 5.
  5. Slowly peel away the transfer tape at an angle, being careful not to pull the sticker from the surface. If you find the decal is also peeling away, repeat step 4.
  6. Step back and admire your new wall art!

Maybe you are going through a rebrand, or maybe the event you ordered them for has come to an end, the question is how do you remove the Wall Graphics without a hitch? The following steps can certainly help make your life a little easier when taking down your Wall Graphics.

  1. Using a hair dryer or heat gun, gently heat the Wall Graphic. This will help the loosen the grip of the adhesive allowing it to lift away a little.
  2. Gently lift the Wall Graphics and slowly peel away from the wall at a 45 degree angle away from you. 

Dispatch & Delivery

We have a few different options depending on the product and speed of service you are looking for. 

Our Standard lead time is 3-5 Working Days. For Plain Orders, the lead time starts the first full day from placing the Order. With Printed Products, it is from the first full day after approving a Proof. 

We also offer an Express 2-3 Working Day and a Next Working Day service on Plain Orders if you require something more urgent. Please note Next Working Day Orders must be placed before 3pm.

Your order will proceed on it’s selected lead time only after a digital Proof has been accepted in writing. As all Products are made bespoke to requirements, an approved Proof confirms the Order and allows our Production Team to proceed with your job.

Proofs are created manually by our Design Team. We aim to send these within 2 Working Days of an Order being placed (and paid for).

Please let us know if you are after a job quickly or if you are happy to proceed without a Proof as your artwork is 'Print Ready'. 'Print Ready' artworks will skip the proofing stage and so the pre-flight checks to the artwork will not be applied. 

At Flexi Labels we create all Products bespoke to Order. The lead time you have selected includes the production time of your Order. 

Once completed, your Products will be shipped to you on a Next Working Day basis. You will receive a Dispatch Confirmation on the afternoon your Order is due to leave us.

If you have received your Tracking Information and your Order was not received within 2 Working Days, please get in touch and we can contact the courier service.

Tracking Information will be sent to you in a Dispatch Confirmation to the email address on the Order once the job has been completed.

Having trialled and tested several options, we are happy and confident to be once again offering International Deliveries.

International Delivery options will be made available through the website from 17/11/2023.


Key things to remember when placing an international shipping order with Flexi Labels;

  • Ensure all details are completed correctly during the checkout stage. Your order will be held by Flexi Labels if there is any missing information and, any problems caused by incorrect delivery details may incur a charge if our couriers are unable to complete delivery.
  • Companies importing goods into, or from, the European Union need a valid EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number. Without this number, your parcel will not likely progress.
  • Please note all international shipments are sent on DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) Intercom. This means you are responsible for paying any applicable Customs Duties, charges and taxes at the destination country. These must be paid in full for Customs to release the shipment in the event it is held.

A complete list of all delivery charges is available on the delivery page.

Cancellation & Refunds

If you have ordered an incorrect item from us, and cannot use the item you have received, we can offer a 100% refund on the product, should a new order of equal or greater value, be placed. A member of the Customer Service team can assist you with this process.

  • Your responsibility will be to pack the unwanted items securely and return these to us using a reputable courier company. 
  • The 100% refund of the returned order will be processed upon receiving the goods back in an unused and undamaged condition.
  • This exchange applies to plain orders only, printed orders are not eligible for an exchange.
  • All above actions must be completed within 14 days after delivery.

Please consult our Return and Refund policy for further information or get in touch to discuss any further queries.

We of course want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Should you have any concerns upon receiving your labels you need to submit any complaints or queries in writing to A member of our customer support team will handle your request following the Return, Refund or Exchange procedures as outlined below. 

Timeframe to report an issue

Upon receiving your delivery, you must inspect all of your items immediately. If your items are damaged, faulty, do not meet your expectations or you have ordered incorrectly, you should notify us in writing within 14 calendar days of delivery to discuss your options. 

If you are raising a request after 14 calendar days, we will only be able to offer an exchange on faulty items, within 6 months of the delivery date. We will not be able to accept a return or offer a refund if this timeframe is exceeded. 

How to report an issue

If there is anything about your item that you have a query about it is always best to check. You may be able to get some troubleshooting advice by visiting our  online help centre portal or the issue may require further investigation by our team. Your complaint or query must be reported to us in writing within 14 calendar calendar days of delivery.

Should you think you have an issue, contact us immediately via email at to formally request assistance.

Your email must include:

  • The order number and product reference of the item in question.
  • The reason for Return, Refund or Exchange request.
  • Photographic evidence (if applicable) of the issue for clarity.
  • A contact name and number should we need to offer additional support.

Please consult our Return and Refund policy for further information.

There are several reasons why you may choose to return an item.

  • We manufacture all products bespoke to order as stated in our terms & conditions and during checkout process. If you are returning items because you have ordered incorrectly, please read our exchange policy below. If you no longer require your product, we will offer you 75% refund on the price of returned products,  by deducting 25% in line with the terms and conditions as a restocking and handling fee. It will be your responsibility to pack these items securely and return to us using a reputable courier company within 7 calendar days. 
  • If you are not happy with your product, please get in touch within 14 days of receiving your order. If your item is deemed faulty due to a manufacturing error, a member of the customer service team will guide you on the next steps in arranging the collection of your item on our expense . 

Unless otherwise agreed with a Customer Service Advisor in writing, to be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition that the customer received it. The products must also be in the original packaging.

Please consult our Return and Refund policy for further information.

If you have ordered the wrong item, and the job has not yet been dispatched, get in touch with the Customer Service team ASAP on 01733 646290 and we may be able to help. 

We manufacture all jobs to order so we may not have started the production of your product. If we have started to make the job then our team will talk you through the next steps.

If, upon receiving your delivery, you realise the product is incorrect, please login to your account to verify the product you have received against the specifications set out on your order detail page. You can also check your order confirmation sent to you by email. We manufacture all products to the bespoke selections made during the purchasing process. If the item has been ordered incorrectly, and you are unable to use this product, please email us to within the 14 day timeframe to discuss your options with a member of the customer service team.

Please consult our Return and Refund policy for further information.

Yes, you have full right to cancel your order providing it has not been manufactured, printed and/or shipped. 

Please contact us ASAP should you wish to cancel.

If you would like to make an amendment to the order this is nearly always possible as long as your product has not yet been approved (if printed) or manufactured. Talk to a customer service advisor as soon as you can to edit the order.

If you no longer require your items on delivery, please get in touch within the 14 day timeframe to discuss your options. Please note, printed items are considered personalised, and we will be unable to refund, return, or exchange if there is not a genuine fault with the item. Upon return of an unwanted order, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss the next steps. If you would like to order a different product specification in place of this order, please read our specific exchange procedure.

Please consult our Return and Refund policy for further information.

Refunds will only be processed once a resolution has been met with the Customer Service Advisor handling your case. This will be agreed upon in writing.

Refunds will be processed only when the goods have been returned to Flexi Labels unless otherwise stated in writing with the Customer Service Advisor on your case.

All refunds may take up to 5 working days to be processed. If you have paid for your order using BACS, we will require a copy of your bank details before processing the agreed refund.

In the unlikely case you have not received your refund, please get in touch with us over email to

Please consult our Return and Refund policy for further information.

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