Axiohm KALYPSO - 80 mm Kiosk

Roll Labels For Axiohm KALYPSO - 80 mm Kiosk

Please see below a list of thermal roll labels suitable for Axiohm KALYPSO - 80 mm Kiosk. Based on the printer manufacturer’s recommendation, these labels are supplied on 25.4mm cores. These printers can take up to 82.5mm wide thermal rolls and approx. 240mm overall diameter. You can see technical specification for Axiohm KALYPSO - 80 mm Kiosk here.

When selecting a thermal label material and/or label size, always refer to your printer’s manual to ensure that you are buying these labels on correct width, wound option and overall roll diameter.

If you are looking for a specific label size, please contact us on 01733 646 290 and we will be happy to assist you.

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