Which A4 Sheet Labels Should I Choose?

Which A4 Sheet Labels Should I Choose?

When writing articles for our blog, we like to answer common questions that we receive from new and existing customers. The title of this blog, "Which A4 Sheet Labels Should I Choose?" is a question we are asked regularly

It's perfectly understandable. Considering the number of label options we provide, if our customers ever need any guidance, we are happy to help. We thought sharing our knowledge and experience on the subject would be helpful. 

What Size Of Label Do You Need? 

This should be one of your first considerations when choosing your labels. What is the maximum height and width available when applying the label? Does it need to cover a certain amount of space on the product? How much content is required, and is there a minimum required font size? If you need a certain amount of text or images on the label, this will also influence your decision. Finding the right balance is the most crucial part of having enough room to accommodate your design, but not being too large/small that it does not fit the label location correctly. You may have to work with your label design to ensure it will fit within the label sizes we supply. 

Maybe the perfect size you are looking for is not available. Remember we can create a bespoke tool for your optimal label size on paper/ polyester materials or programme a custom size for our vinyl materials. If you want to explore this option, please get in touch!

What Surface Will The Label Be Applied To? 

It's very important to think about where the label(s) will be applied before making a purchase. Different surfaces will require specific adhesives. Also, the intended application of the label may decipher if a removable or permanent adhesive is required. Having a good understanding of where the label will be applied and the possible limitations of the surface is essential. There are so many permutations but common examples include; if the labels are being used for a limited timescale, removable adhesive labels would be suitable or if you're applying the labels to a slightly uneven surface, then permanent labels would be best. Please read our article on choosing label adhesives for further information.

As always, you can order a sample if you are still unsure or want to try the material in the desired application before buying. 

How Many Labels Do You Need? 

You will need to know the number of labels required, as this will affect the price and your available budget. Usually, the larger the volume of sheets purchased, the cheaper the unit per-label price becomes. Our website creates a dynamic quote which is generated by your selection if you wanted to compare quotes. 

We always recommend buying slightly more labels that you need, to cover all eventualities, especially if you're working to a tight deadline or if you have never ordered from us before for troubleshooting and ensuring the correct set-up.

What Material and Finish Should I Choose?

Finally, you need to be aware of the different label materials and finishes available to offer and their individual properties. Our product pages on the website provide a description of each material and the type of printer which it'll be most compatible with. Choosing between a Matt, Semi-Gloss or Gloss finish will also be an important consideration depending on the final use for the label. A Gloss finish provides a slightly shiny, varnished look, whereas a matt finish is duller in its appearance but provides a great smooth printing surface. If you require a splashproof or waterproof material, you will want to choose a polyester, polypropylene or vinyl material. 


If this article still hasn't helped or you have more questions then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team or order a free material sample to try before you buy.

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