Vinyl - The Material with Endless Applications

Vinyl - The Material with Endless Applications

Need a label that could withstand nearly anything you can throw at it? Our extensive Vinyl range is durable, and flexible and comes in specialist finishes to ensure a job is done correctly. With so many options, what is the right type of vinyl to order?


Vinyl Material for Labels

Looking for a label for your garden or a waterproof label for a new cosmetic range? The standard permanent and removable adhesive material will be perfect for products with a busy life of their own. A big perk to ordering vinyl is the ability to programme the shape that is desired without being limited to a metal tool. Something certainly to consider in a product market now inundated with punchy branding.

White and Clear materials are available in the standard vinyl range, allowing scope to design the label that will suit your brand and convey the personality of the product. In-house, we have a large format UV printer that can achieve solid white ink printing and spot UV embellishments - if you are needing to add a 'WOW' factor to your labelling - as well as an expanded colour gamut on the machine. 

What does gamut mean? It is a fancy name to describe a range or collection of something. Most printers use four main colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. With our expanded colour gamut, we can print Red and Orange too which adds warmth and vibrancy to every print. 

Please note that we do not recommend printing on this material with a standard home or office printer as it requires specialist printers to produce a successful print.


Vinyl Wall Graphics

Vinyl stickers placed on walls can be used for signage, promotion or to add a pop of colour or pattern to a space. We have tried to think of all the reasons why you may need a wall sticker, but in case we haven't, know we have specialist wall vinyl available with removable and permanent adhesive backing so you, and your walls, are covered.

Removable wall graphics are perfect for temporary or short-term requirements. The back of the material appears as adhesive dots, allowing air channels behind the sticker. This ensures hassle-free application, a strong grip once in place and easy removal. 

Permanent wall graphics come in a high-tack adhesive, ensuring strong and long-lasting adhesion. Once bonded, stickers and decals should remain in place for years to come.


Vinyl Floor Graphics

Want to add a one-way system to the workplace or still have social distancing measures that need to be advertised, we can provide Anti-Slip Floor Graphic stickers for your every need. Designed to be put through its paces by all forms of pedestrian traffic, be safe in the knowledge the Anit-Slip properties will keep your customers, clients and colleagues safe and informed.


Vinyl Window Graphics

We offer three different materials for our window stickers. The standard permanent and removable range, available in white and clear, can stick to the window with a glue backing. If you require something without adhesive, we also offer a specialist material called static cling. Perfect for glass and window applications, using static energy to create a bond with the surface, the stickers will not leave behind any unwanted residue when removed.


Our range is always growing and we are always on the lookout for more solutions for labelling and communications. Try a sample of one of these specialist materials before committing to an order and always get in touch with our team if you are after something a little more custom or bespoke to your needs.

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