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Choose Label Finish

Choose Label Finish

Once you have selected the required material from “Step 1: Choose Label Material” and entered the required quantity in “Step 2: Enter No. of Sheets”, you will need to choose the desired finish of these labels. Flexi Labels come with 3 finishes and description can be found below;

Plain / Blank Labels: If you are thinking of printing your own labels then you will need to select this finish. We will produce and dispatch your labels on sheets; you will then download a Word or PDF template for these labels to set your design up. While designing your own labels please take into account the fact that all printers have certain tolerance and your printer should be able to print onto the labels you’ve bought. A printer compatibility chart is displayed under Step 1 where you make a selection of the material.

Printed Labels (Black): Also known as mono colour printing, once you have selected Printed Labels (Black) finish you will be asked to either enter your design brief in the designer box or you can upload (up to 5) designs to be printed as a split* on the selected number of sheets.

Printed Labels (Full Colour): If your designs have various colours than just Black then you will select Printed Labels (Full Colour) label finish. Flexi Labels are printed with CMYK colours or Spot / Pantone Colours (subject to Pantone references). We do not print with metallic (Gold and Silver) and White inks. You can provide us with your brief in the designer box or upload your designs to be printed onto selected material and number of sheets. While providing your design brief or files to us, please take into account the colour of the select label material and the colours used in your own design.


* Splitting your designs over a certain quantity of sheets makes Flexi Labels very cost effective and competitive. Say you order a pack of 50 sheets and you have 3 designs, you can tell us how many sheets you want for each design e.g. 15 sheets for design 1, 25 sheets for design 2 and 10 sheets for design 3. This way you do not need to buy a separate product for each design.  

What If I have more than 5 designs?
Option 1: We recommend the best way is to put all of your designs on the same sheet, say you have 8 designs and you are buying a product where you get 24 labels on a page and you do not want to buy a huge quantity either. You can put all 8 designs on the same sheet and can get 3 sets on the same page.
Option 2: Using the same example above, you can buy two separate products and can upload 4 designs for first product and 4 designs for second product, this way you will have one design per sheet which can be easy to manage as compared to option 1 where you cannot throw away sheets until you have used all the labels on that sheet.

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