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How To Choose Your Label Adhesive

How To Choose Your Label Adhesive

Choosing the correct adhesive for your products is incredibly important. Adhesive products are manufactured with different adhesive strengths, so how you intend to use your labels will need to be considered. 

Are you looking for a label which can withstand extreme temperatures for food storage? Are you only looking for temporary labels, so a weaker adhesive would be better? Or do you just want your label to stay stuck to your product? 

Here is a handy guide on the main adhesive types we have available on our site for ordering.

Permanent Adhesive Labels

If you’re looking for strong and long-lasting labels that don’t easily peel off, then you should take a look at our permanent adhesive range. Our customers often use our permanent labels for marketing and promotion uses and are also fantastic for product branding and packaging. 

Within the first few minutes of application, these labels can usually be peeled off and reapplied, but once the adhesive has cured the labels will stick with a permanent bond. Our paper, polyester and vinyl labels are all available with permanent adhesive.

Available in a wide range of colours, textures and appearances, this range is suitable for a multitude of applications. If you are hoping to stick labels onto clothing without marking them, or change the batch date on reused packing, then these are the labels for you.

High Tack Adhesive Labels

Browse our ‘high tack’ range of polyester, polypropylene and vinyl permanent labels, which are designed for strong, long-term adhesion, and can be used on a wide range of difficult surfaces. 

Our polyester and polypropylene labels are suitable for home and office printing, with laser and inkjet printer compatibilities. These materials are like-for-like in appearance, yet the composition of the material allows for two very different types of application. Polyester is designed for flatter applications, whereas the marginally thinner material polypropylene is perfect for conforming around boxes, curves and awkwardly shaped surfaces.

Vinyl material is the strongest adhesive we are able to offer. With a minimum adhesion of 3 years, vinyl is a winning choice for industrial or outdoor applications due to it's durable and waterproof qualities. We do not recommend home/ office printing on this material due to it's specialist nature, however the team at Flexi Labels are more than happy to print inhouse.

Removable Adhesive Labels

Alternatively, if you are after non-permanent labels, our range of removable labels is made from the same high-quality face material as our other products, but with an adhesive that is designed for single or temporary use. The labels can easily be removed when they are no longer needed without leaving behind any residue. 

Removable Adhesives are available on paper and vinyl products to ensure all labelling requirements are met.

Freezer Adhesive Labels

If you are specifically looking for labels that are suitable for sub-zero temperatures, we have a specialised range of freezer adhesive materials. For some cold, but not freezing, applications, our polyester, polypropylene and vinyl permanent labels are suitable for many difficult applications, including containers intended to be frozen. 

Our freezer labels are often used for food or medical products and can be applied to products stored in temperatures as low as -40 degrees! Please speak with a member of the team if you have any queries regarding the temperature limitations of our materials and we will be happy to advise.


Either you are excited to order or you are keen to learn more. When ordering from us for the first time we would always recommend ordering a label sample to trial on your product and through your printer. Not every product will be compatible for every application. Our free material samples are designed to give you peace of mind before committing to an order.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 01733 646290 or email us at

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