Top Ten Tips For Creating Your Own Labels

Top Ten Tips For Creating Your Own Labels

Creating your own labels doesn’t have to be difficult or laborious. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Decide where you are applying the labels before you start.

You will need to create a design that not only represents your brand perfectly, or displays your important information clearly, but also that works well on the object your applying the label to. This will also be important when considering the label material you wish to use. If, for instance, you are applying clear labels to clear bottles, make sure your label text is not the same as the liquid in the bottle, as this will not be eye-catching.

2. Make sure you have read our colour and resolution blog.

In order to ensure a high quality printed label, it is important that your design is in the right colour mode and of the right size and resolution before it is printed. We generally ask that designs are sent to us in CYMK colour mode, at 300 dpi resolution and 100% size. Our colour and size blog explains this further: Colour & Size Blog.

3. Ensure you design has enough bleed

Although we ensure your labels are well aligned when printing, there is always a chance that the printer will shift slightly. When printing labels, it is important that the background of the artwork extends out further than the label perimeter so that any slight shifts will not create a white edge on the label. We ask for at least 3mm bleed (extended background) on each side of the label. Our artwork guideline blog explains this in more detail: Designing Your Own Labels Blog.

4. Keep any text or important detail within the safe-gap

In addition to bleed, it is also important to consider the safe-gap when designing labels. Again, due to a possible shift when printing, any text or detail needs to be about 3mm within the label size so there is no chance of it being cut off. Our artwork guideline blog explains this in more detail: Artwork Guideline Blog.

5. Make the design eye-catching

Whether you making labels for product branding, for packaging, or for conveying valuable information, it is crucial that the design is eye-catching and exciting. Here are some examples of what we think are great designs: Great Product Design Examples.

6. Keep things simple

Sometimes the most eye-catching and successful designs are the most minimal. Here are some examples of some great product designs that we’ve hand-picked for you: Ten Product Design Examples. A good tip for keeping it simple is not to cram too much writing in a small label. Ensure your text is clear and legible.

7. Download one of our templates

If you are struggling to create the right size artwork, or you are unsure how the labels will fit on the page, download one of our free Word or PDF templates. The template shows you were the label edges will be, so remember to extend the background at least 3mm out from the line, and have any text 3mm within it.  

8. Do a test print

Before sending us your designs, it is always recommended that you print your designs at home first. This way you can ensure that you are happy with the colour that prints, which as mentioned earlier can be different to what you see on screen; you can ensure that text is legible when printed; and that you are generally happy with the overall outcome. We also recommend testing any barcodes or QR codes that you might have.

9. Save in a useful format, and send it our way

In order for us to set up your design for print, it is preferable that you send original files such as AI, PDF, INDD & EPS files, as these are workable files in case we need to make any necessary adjustments. If this isn’t possible, we also accept other formats such as PNG, JPEG, PSD & TIFF files.
Remember, unless you specifically ask us not to, we will always send you a proof before we print. This means our designers inspect the quality of the image and will contact you if there are any issues with the format or design, and you get the final say in how your design looks before it’s printed.

10. Talk to our designers!

If you have any issues, questions or concerns about any of the previous steps, or just need a hand with your designing, then don’t hesitate to contact our designers who will be more than happy to help.


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