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Covid 19 Guidance

Covid 19 Guidance

The Coronavirus Pandeminc has hit us all in different ways, but we want to help you reopen or continue to have your business safe for all that enter.

We have produced a range of Covid 19 based social distancing stickers, and are adding more as the days go by. These are to help guide your staff and customers with regards to the 2m or 1m rule, waiting before entry and protecting themselves with relevant PPE.

See below our current range;

WIth regards to allowing staff and customers to safely access your business we have drafted the below and some main points to help you proceed, along with our social distancing stickers to help you in the process.


Record your risk assessment

You should share the results of your risk assessment with your workforce by displaying it prominently in your workplace, as well as on your website.

Decide who should be on site

Only essential employees and people who cannot work from home should be on site, for example because they need specialist equipment or you need them to operate safely and efficiently.

How to ensure social distancing on site

You should always:

  • stay 2 meters apart from other employees and customers
  • put up signs to remind people to social distance
  • keep the number of people on site to a minimum
  • wash your hands and clothes after helping someone in an emergency
  • make sure employees wear face covering safely although there’s no legal requirement to wear it
  • make sure you have enough appropriately trained staff to keep people safe (for example, having dedicated staff to encourage social distancing or to manage security)

Where you cannot stay 2 meters apart, you should:

  • only work together up to 15 minutes at a time
  • wash hands and clean surfaces regularly
  • use screens and barriers to separate people where possible
  • work side by side or back-to-back rather than face-to-face
  • have fixed teams to minimise exposure


To minimise the risk of the virus spreading you should:

  • clean the site before you reopen
  • clean work areas, surfaces and equipment frequently between use with your usual cleaning products
  • clean busy areas more often and more thoroughly
  • restrict the use of items that are touched often
  • provide more bins and empty them more often
  • clear workspaces and remove waste and belongings from the area at the end of a shift


Full details can be found below;


Take Care and Stay Safe

How To Choose Your Label Adhesive

How To Choose Your Label Adhesive


If you’re looking for strong and long-lasting labels that don’t easily peel off, then you should take a look at our permanent range. Our customers often use our permanent labels for marketing and promotion, product branding and packaging. Within the first few minutes of application, these labels can usually be peeled off and reapplied, but once the adhesive has cured the labels will stick with a permanent bond. Our paper, polyester and vinyl labels are all available with permanent adhesive.

High Tack

Browse our ‘high tack’ range of polyester and vinyl permanent labels, which are designed for strong, long-term adhesion, and can be used on a wide range of difficult surfaces. These labels are also suitable for use in environments prone to moisture, and the high tack vinyl labels are weatherproof, making them suitable for outdoor applications.  


Alternatively, if you are after labels that are non-permanent, our range of removable labels are made from the same high quality materials as our other products, but with an adhesive that is designed for single or temporary use. The labels can easily be removed when they are no longer needed without leaving behind any residue. Available in a wide range of colours, textures and appearances, this range is suitable for a multitude of applications. If you are hoping to stick labels onto clothing without marking them, or change the batch date on reused packing, then these are the labels for you.


If you are specifically looking for labels that are suitable for products which will be frozen, our range of polyester and vinyl permanent labels are designed for strong, long-term adhesion, and are suitable for many difficult applications, including containers intended to be frozen. Our freezer labels are often used for food or medical products.

Top Ten Tips For Creating Your Own Labels

Top Ten Tips For Creating Your Own Labels

Creating your own labels doesn’t have to be difficult or laborious. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Decide where you are applying the labels before you start.

You will need to create a design that not only represents your brand perfectly, or displays your important information clearly, but also that works well on the object your applying the label to. This will also be important when considering the label material you wish to use. If, for instance, you are applying clear labels to clear bottles, make sure your label text is not the same as the liquid in the bottle, as this will not be eye-catching.

2. Make sure you have read our colour and resolution blog.

In order to ensure a high quality printed label, it is important that your design is in the right colour mode and of the right size and resolution before it is printed. We generally ask that designs are sent to us in CYMK colour mode, at 300 dpi resolution and 100% size. Our colour and size blog explains this further: Colour & Size Blog.

3. Ensure you design has enough bleed

Although we ensure your labels are well aligned when printing, there is always a chance that the printer will shift slightly. When printing labels, it is important that the background of the artwork extends out further than the label perimeter so that any slight shifts will not create a white edge on the label. We ask for at least 3mm bleed (extended background) on each side of the label. Our artwork guideline blog explains this in more detail: Designing Your Own Labels Blog.

4. Keep any text or important detail within the safe-gap

In addition to bleed, it is also important to consider the safe-gap when designing labels. Again, due to a possible shift when printing, any text or detail needs to be about 3mm within the label size so there is no chance of it being cut off. Our artwork guideline blog explains this in more detail: Artwork Guideline Blog.

5. Make the design eye-catching

Whether you making labels for product branding, for packaging, or for conveying valuable information, it is crucial that the design is eye-catching and exciting. Here are some examples of what we think are great designs: Great Product Design Examples.

6. Keep things simple

Sometimes the most eye-catching and successful designs are the most minimal. Here are some examples of some great product designs that we’ve hand-picked for you: Ten Product Design Examples. A good tip for keeping it simple is not to cram too much writing in a small label. Ensure your text is clear and legible.

7. Download one of our templates

If you are struggling to create the right size artwork, or you are unsure how the labels will fit on the page, download one of our free Word or PDF templates. The template shows you were the label edges will be, so remember to extend the background at least 3mm out from the line, and have any text 3mm within it.  

8. Do a test print

Before sending us your designs, it is always recommended that you print your designs at home first. This way you can ensure that you are happy with the colour that prints, which as mentioned earlier can be different to what you see on screen; you can ensure that text is legible when printed; and that you are generally happy with the overall outcome. We also recommend testing any barcodes or QR codes that you might have.

9. Save in a useful format, and send it our way

In order for us to set up your design for print, it is preferable that you send original files such as AI, PDF, INDD & EPS files, as these are workable files in case we need to make any necessary adjustments. If this isn’t possible, we also accept other formats such as PNG, JPEG, PSD & TIFF files.
Remember, unless you specifically ask us not to, we will always send you a proof before we print. This means our designers inspect the quality of the image and will contact you if there are any issues with the format or design, and you get the final say in how your design looks before it’s printed.

10. Talk to our designers!

If you have any issues, questions or concerns about any of the previous steps, or just need a hand with your designing, then don’t hesitate to contact our designers who will be more than happy to help.


Your Guide to Image Colour and Size

Your Guide to Image Colour and Size


There are two main colour modes for images; RGB and CMYK. Vivid and neon colours that you see on your screen are generally in the RGB colour mode. However, for professional printing, images need to be in CMYK mode. Here is some more information on these colour modes and how to achieve the best colour images for printing.


RGB (which stands for Red, Green, Blue) is the colour mode used for images that are meant to be seen on screen. Electronic devices are able to create any colour imaginable by adjusting the intensities of each of these three colours of light in each pixel on the display. For designs intended for electronic use RGB is the colour mode you want to use to get the most from your image.


If however there is any chance your design will be printed, for example if you’re sending it to us to be printed on our labels, then RGB is not suitable and you will need to use the CMYK colour mode. CMYK (which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK) is the colour mode printers work in, as they have to mix ink colours rather than light. Because of these technical differences and the limitations of printing, CMYK colours are less vivid and bright than RGB, so printed images can look quite different to the images on the screen.

Designs For Printing

With this colour information in mind, remember when you are designing artwork to be printed that the on-screen and printed image can look very different if you don’t use CMYK colour modes. Most design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have the option to change the colour settings. We also recommend doing a test print on your printer at home before sending us designs to ensure that you are happy with the colours. If you have any queries about this do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll help to design a top quality image that will be the perfect colour when printed.


The size of the image is also extremely important when designing and printing, and again, screens can be deceiving. There are two important elements of image size to consider when designing artwork to be printed and they are: dimensions and resolution.


Dimensions are simply the measurements of the image and can easily be adjusted in any software your using to design your labels. We ask that you upload or send us artwork that is 100% size that you want printed. If you send us artwork that is a lot bigger or smaller than the size of the image you want printed, then adjusting this might affect the quality.


Resolution is expressed in DPI (dots per inch) and is important for getting a high quality image. For an image on screen to be high quality the resolution only needs to be 72 dpi. However, for the same size and quality image when printing, the resolution needs to be 300 dpi as printer resolution is higher than screen resolution. This is why we ask for images to be as close to 300 dpi as possible.

If your design is not 300 dpi, it is not recommended that you adjust the size of it to 300 dpi in your design software. This will just duplicate the pixels and create a blurry image. It is best if the image is designed at 300 dpi from the start.

Again, if you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us and our designers will guide you through creating the perfect design for printing.

What is Die Cutting?

What is Die Cutting?

Die Cutting

In your search for labels, you may have seen the term "die cutting" being mentioned, as it’s a very important part of the label-making process.

What is Die Cutting?

Not just for labels, die cutting is a process used for cutting highly accurate custom shapes very quickly in a variety of materials including sheet metal, paper or plastic. It has a very quick turnaround time and produces little waste.

The rotary die cutting machine uses a customised die, or cutting tool, to cut or perforate the desired shape from a roll or individual piece of material. It does this by rolling a heavy cyclindrical anvil with the customised die over a flat, depressed surface where the material is fed through.

The control of the anvil can be very precise, so the type and depth of cut from the die can be manipulated as desired. It is extremely useful for a process called “kiss cutting” which allows a shape to be cut without cutting through all layers of the material. This is essential in label cutting, as the label shape can be cut without cutting the backing paper.

Why is this useful for you?

Although we have set sizes and shapes available on our website, it is useful to know that because of rotary die cutting, you are able and welcome to give us custom measurements and we’ll order an accurately cut die in your desired shape. A custom tool can cost as little as £30 and once we have it in stock, none of you repeat orders will include this charge, and will be quick and easy to order again.

Follow this link to order your custom labels today:; or don't hesitate to contact us

Professional Label Uses

No matter your profession, you are bound to need labels of some kind at some point. This blog breaks down the different labels we offer and how their application might be useful in different professions.

Schools & Nurseries

Plain & Printed Labels

Many of our customers are from the educational sector, often ordering labels for diary inserts, labels for marking and feedback, or even personalised stickers with the school logo on. If you work in a school or nursery don’t hesitate to contact us for plain labels you can print your design on yourself, or printed labels on which we can print your design for you. If you need help designing your labels, our free design service is here to help.

Visit our website to start ordering your school labels today: You can use the ‘Find My Labels’ tool to search labels by size any shape, or you can use the tabs at the top of the page to search by sheet size.

Pre-Printed Labels







We also have a wide range of pre-printed labels perfect for use in schools. Keep kids interested and enthused with a lovely selection of motivational stickers, or motivate them with our specific school subject labels. We have stickers for maths, science, art, english and many more; as well as stickers with 'well done' and 'you're a star' messages. They are available in a range of different colours and designs, but if you require something different please contact us

Browse our educational pre-printed labels here:

Removable Labels

If using labels on clothing or as temporary additions to diaries, we recommend our Removable labels, as they will peel off easily without any hassle and without leaving any glue residue.

Just follow this link to visit browse our removable labels:


Removable Labels

Another profession in which removable labels are very popular, is in healthcare, particularly dentistry. The removable labels are perfect for a pick-me-up for kids after the dentist, and easily peel from clothing without leaving any glue residue. Just send us your design, or use our free design service and we'll design something for you, for example using your dentist surgery's logo.

Just follow this link to browse our removable labels:

Pre-Printed Labels







Alternatively, why not browse our pre-printed motivations labels with messages such as ‘you’re a star’ and ‘well done’ which are great for cheering kids up after their dreaded dentist visit, and they're already design for you. All you have to do is pick the material and quantity you desire and we'll do the rest. 

Follow this link to browse them:

Certain healthcare premises might also need quality control labels for indicating the shelf life or batch number of products, samples and equipment. These are also on offer in our pre-printed range. You can browse them by following this link:  

Paper & Polyester Labels

We also offer a vast range of paper and polyester labels with permanent or removable adhesive, which are ideal for bottle labelling, filing, and maintaining patient records. If you work in healthcare don’t hesitate to contact us for plain labels you can print your design on yourself, or printed labels on which we can print your design for you. If you need help designing your labels, our free design service is here to help.

Click these links to browse our paper: and polyester: labels.

We also have standard sized address labels for mailing patient results, available in a range of sizes and materials depending on your needs:


Vinyl Labels

We offer a great range of vinyl labels, which are hard-wearing, waterproof and weatherproof. Great for use outdoors, for instance recycling labels for wheelie bins or outdoor signage. Just follow this link to browse our vinyl labels: Simply select the size, shape and material of the labels you need, and either upload your design for us to print, or contact our design team to design something for you. 

Pre-Printed Labels






If you work for the council it is definitely worth looking at our range of pre-printed labels, which include various household waste and recycling labels, as well as prohibitory sign labels such as ‘No Smoking’ for public areas. We have a whole host of designs which you will find useful, but if there is anything that you can't find, please contact us and we will be happy to help design something to suit your needs.

Follow this link to browse our pre-printed labels:

Electricians, Builders & Security

Polyester & Vinyl Labels

Electricians, builders and security officers will benefit from our polyester and vinyl labels which are hard-wearing and waterproof. Vinyl labels are great for outdoor use, as they can withstand the great British weather. Great for labelling equipment that might be used outdoors, or for doors and windows.

Pre-Printed Labels

If you work in one of these professions; our pre-designed, pre-printed labels are a really quick and convenient way of attaining labels for electrical safety, PAT testing, CCTV, and much more.




Click the following links to browse what we have on offer:;;


Paper Labels

Administrators and office staff will find our paper labels are perfect for filing, mailing and much more. Whilst our paper labels are great quality, they're a perfect budget label for everyday use. 

Follow this link to browse our paper labels:

Pre-Printed Labels







You will also find that we have a variety of pre-printed labels ready for immediate use in your office. Whether numbering or lettering for organsiation; or shipping labels for posting packages, we are certain to have pre-printed labels to suit your office's needs.  

Follow this link for lettering and numbering labels ideal for filing and organising:

Follow this link for shipping labels for sending packages safely and securely: 

And Many More!

Here we've listed just a handful of professions that might find our range of plain, printed and pre-printed labels useful around the workplace. This hopefully gives you an idea of how versatile and necessary labels really are, and how much they are used around us. If your profession isn't listed here, or you have any questions about specific uses of our materials, or the design service we have to offer; please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy labelling!

Check Out Our Fantastic Range of Pre-Printed Labels

Check Out Our Fantastic Range of Pre-Printed Labels

Pre-Printed Labels Are Everywhere

Recently we have been working really hard to expand our range of pre-printed labels. Pre-printed labels are everywhere; in every public place, every business and even around our homes. Even in the unlikely event that you haven’t seen food hygiene labels in kitchens, or PAT test labels on appliances, then you will definitely have noticed fire exit labels on doors around your workplace. For this reason, we understand how important these are for our customers. We want to not only provide exciting labels for our customer’s product branding, but also all the necessary ones for around the business.

What We Have to Offer

We have a broad range of pre-printed labels on offer, useful for a myriad of applications. Here are some examples; click on one of the images below or the subheadings to be directed to some of the pre-printed subcategories we have available. 


Inspection Labels - As well as PAT Test labels to ensure appliances have passed their safety tests, we also offer an extensive range of Calibration and Quality Control labels.

Recycling Labels - We also have a variety of household waste and recycling labels for use in public spaces or at home.

Shipping Labels - To ensure the correct postage and handling of your items, we have a broad range of shipping labels on offer, including ‘Fragile’, ‘Urgent’, ‘Do Not Use Sharps’ and many more.

Prohibition Labels - We also have a range of prohibition labels for displaying rules of the premises and security warnings.

Promotional Labels - In addition to the range of mandatory pre-printed labels, we also offer promotional labels for retail and selling. These help indicate prices, offers and sales. 

Educational & Themed Labels - We also have an exciting and ever-expanding range of educational and holiday themed stickers, all designed in-house by our lovely design team.

You Can Help

We hope you enjoy these designs as much as we do, but we’re still looking to expand the range! We really welcome any suggestions of pre-printed labels that you need but we don’t offer yet. Please get in touch!

Follow Flexi Labels on Facebook!

Follow Flexi Labels on Facebook!

We've recently been working on making our Facebook page more appealing by providing regular updates about our company and the services we offer. Our Facebook page is a great way for new or existing customers to interact with our staff and company in general. If you have a question about any of our products or some feedback or a review of a recent purchase from our website, we would love to hear from you! If you have any images of the labels we have supplied in use, maybe on your product packaging or as part of your company branding, we would love to share them on our Facebook page. We're always interested in hearing about how our labels are being used whether for commercial purposes or charity and fundraising work, get in touch and we'll share your images, videos and testimonials. We also use our Facebook page to share the latest updates to our custom label portfolio. It's a great source of inspiration to our new customers and showcases the high quality of labels you can expect, if you are considering using our custom label services. Here's the link to our page, look forward to seeing you over there!

Shipping & Address Labels For Online Retailers

Shipping & Address Labels For Online Retailers

We supply a large number of online retailers, eBay sellers and Amazon Marketplace users with shipping and address labels, which are used when dispatching products via Royal Mail or by courier. Our standard range includes a number of suitable label types for a number of different uses including invoice labels, returns labels, packing slip labels and delivery note labels. One of our most popular label types is our 2 Shipping Labels per A4 Sheet, 89 mm x 84 mm which is an A4 sheet with x2 integrated labels located at the bottom of the page. This is ideal for use as a packing/delivery note, as the order details can be printed at the top of the page with the x2 labels being used as a delivery label and a returns label, one label with the customers delivery address and one label with the sellers return address.


For printing customer address labels only we would recommend our 8 Address Labels per A4 Sheet, 97 mm x 69 mm which is an A4 sheet with x8 good sized labels and small margins between each label. This is ideal for printing multiple customer delivery labels for attaching to the outside of product delivery packaging. These labels provide plenty of room to accommodate most addresses in the UK and by using our labels templates they're easy to print and customise to your needs. 


We also supply SmartStamp® compatible labels. SmartStamp® lets you print postage onto envelopes and labels, customise them and pay for them, all from your own PC. It's a great way to save time and money and you can personalise your labels with your own logo. One of the popular labels in this range is the 10 Smartstamp® Labels per A4 Sheet, 99.1 mm x 57.3 mm which is an A4 sheet with x10 address labels and small margins between each label.

Examples of Great Product Label Design

Back in September, we wrote an article called 10 Brilliant Product Labelling Designs which proved to be very popular with our customers. It's been used as a great source of inspiration for new projects, as you can always learn something from other people's work. Product label design is an art, it has it's own set of rules which dictate the design of certain elements, for example, the size of the text used or the quality of the images. However, this doesn't mean that all label designs have to be generic and unimaginative, there's still plenty of scope to inject new ideas and give a new twist on an existing design. We encourage our customers to do their research before designing a label themselves, commissioning a design agency or using our in-house design service. Taking elements from labels that are being used by established brands, is a great starting point. We don't see it as copying or plagiarism, we see it as an essential part of the design process. If someone else has already taken the time to study the effects of how consumers react to a style of labels or range of labelling, there may be no need to radically deviate from this tried and tested method. As long as you make the design your own and that it reflects your brand and the products they are applied to, you can't go far wrong. We've scoured the web for more great examples of product label design and here's a few of our favourites:


Pearlfisher - Nerd  

We love the striking simplicity of this cosmetics packaging design by Pearlfisher for brand NERD. 











Adams & Harlow Pork Pies

You can't go wrong with these traditional yet quirky pork pie packages from Adams & Harlow in Lincolnshire. 













Glasfurd & Walker - Dirty Apron Foods 

This divine range of designs by Glasfurd & Walker for Dirty Apron Spices cleverly reflect their contents, letting the spices speak for themselves.












Trevor's Honey

This sweet branding makes us want to grab a spoon and tuck in to some of Trevor's Honey!












Swear Words - North Run 

These simple bright labels really contrast the dark bottles, making the design bold and eye-catching. 


Here Design - Ceviche 

This Peruvian Kitchen range from Here Design really brings the colourful culture of Peru right to your kitchen. 


Pearlfisher - Jamie Oliver  

These lovely preseve labels really embody Jamie's image of homemade comfort food, whilst still being professional and consistent. 

















The Psychology Of Colour

The Psychology Of Colour

The colours within our environment have been proven to have a significant effect on our behaviour. We all react differently to colours either consciously or subconsciously. Company branding, product packaging, logos and labels are often designed with a focus on the selection of colour to trigger a certain response with their intended audience. Colour in a marketing context can be a very powerful tool but it has to be carefully considered as it can polarise opinions and can have a detrimental effect on people's approach to the related brand or company. The subject of colour and human behaviour is constantly being evaluated. Extensive studies show that the same colour can lead to very different feelings depending on the viewer's origins, location in the world, culture and religious beliefs. There are some universally accepted feelings and approaches to colours, here are a few examples:

Red - Love, Lust, Excitement, Negativity

Blue - Corporate, High Quality, Competence, Masculine

Green - Good Taste, Friendly, Envy

Pink - Sophistication, Feminine, Sincerity

Black - Expensive, Sophistication, Fear, Grief

Purple - Power, Authority, Sophistication

As you can see, there are some very contradictory feelings for the same colour. When designing a company logo or a label for product packaging, the feelings toward certain colours must be taken into consideration. Company logos can convey meaning simply through the use of certain colours. If you can influence your target audience to react positively towards your brand, it gives you a great opportunity to then provide your product or services to them. So when you're working on your next project, stop to consider the power of colour and how you can use it to your advantage.

Our Top 10 Printing Facts

Our Top 10 Printing Facts

Printing is integral part of our business. Although we manufacture and supply our own A4 sheet labels, the main purpose of these labels is for them to printed on and used by our customers. Printing is still a huge industry around the world and shows no signs of being replaced any time soon. We receive lots of publications, industry magazines and visit many printing related websites on a regular basis. It's a fascinating industry to work in, with plenty of new developments and innovative and creative ideas. With this in mind here's our top 10 printing industry related facts:

The UK is the world’s fifth largest producer of printed products

942 million inkjet cartridges were sold worldwide in 2012, containing enough ink to fill 4.5 Olympic sized swimming pools

Black printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids or commodities on the planet, it costs over $2,700 per gallon! This is massively more expensive than oil, which currently costs only around $2.26 per gallon!

In 2005, more than 45 trillion pages were printed globally

Johann Gutenburg developed European printing technology in 1440, although printing is considered to be one of the four greatest Chinese inventions with evidence of the first printing from 684-705 AD

The UK imports 10 million laser toner cartridges and 30 million inkjet cartridges each year

William Caxton is thought to be the first English person to introduce a printing press into the country

The laser printer was invented by Xerox in 1969 and was built from a modified photocopier

The world’s smallest printed book measures only 0.74 x 0.75 mm (0.0291 x 0.0295 in)!

The printing industry employs over 140,000 people in the UK

Custom Printed Labels From Flexi Labels

Custom Printed Labels From Flexi Labels

Our standard range of plain labels are suitable for a wide variety of applications but if your project requires something a little bit different, we also provide a custom printed label service. Maybe you need a unique label to fit in with your company branding? Or a bespoke label to fit within the space constraints of your product packaging? Whatever your needs, we're here to help.

At Flexi Labels, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and requirements. We understand that no two projects are the same and we realise the importance of the finer details of label design. After the initial contact with our customers, we go through the options that are available and offer advice and guidance on the best way to produce their labels. A design can either be supplied by our customers or we we can offer our own in-house graphic design service. If the design is to be supplied by our customers, we are able to assist with the label specifications including the resolution, print margins and bleed areas. If our in-house design service is used, we take care of everything and provide design proofs before proceeding.

We're very fussy when it comes to the quality of our custom labels. If an initial test run of labels is slightly misaligned or the quality does not meet our minimum quality standards, we start again and only finish when we're happy with the end product. We always put ourselves in our customers shoes, if we wouldn't be happy with the quality of the labels we produce, then it wouldn't be acceptable for our customers. We give every project, no matter how small or large, the attention and care they deserve. We like to think it's the reason why our customers keep coming back time and time again. We offer full colour (CMYK) digital and waterproof (solvent) printed labels at competitive prices with a fast turnaround. If you are interested in our custom label service, please feel free to contact us on 01733 646 292 or email:

Get Ready For Christmas With A4 Address Labels From Flexi Labels

Get Ready For Christmas With A4 Address Labels From Flexi Labels

 Unless you've taken extraordinary measures to avoid all forms of media or spent the last few weeks on a remote desert island, you can't have failed to notice that Christmas is officially here! With the festive period well and truly in full swing, our thoughts here at Flexi Labels turn to labelling solutions for all those Christmas letters, cards and parcels! If you're planning on sending out lots of cards to all your friends and family, why not be organised this year and use A4 sheet address labels? You can quickly and cheaply print great looking address labels at home with some simple templates and a standard word processing software package such as Microsoft Word. We would recommend the following size labels, which provide plenty of room for most addresses and fit perfectly on standard envelopes: 

21 Address Labels per A4 Sheet, 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm

8 Address Labels per A4 Sheet, 97 mm x 69 mm



If you need to send a small parcel via Royal Mail, we would recommend larger shipping labels. Royal Mail use x2 measurements for its small parcel charge bracket:

For wider items up to - Length 45cm. Width 35cm. Depth 8cm.

For deeper items up to - Length 25cm. Width 25cm. Depth 16cm.

For packages at these dimensions, we would recommend the following size labels:


2 Shipping Labels per A4 Sheet, 135 mm x 100 mm

3 Shipping Labels per A4 Sheet, 170 mm x 84 mm



If you've been especially generous this year and you need to send a large parcel, you may need even larger labels!

Royal Mail define a large parcel as bulk items up to - Length 61cm. Width 46cm. Depth 46cm.

For parcels of this size we would recommend:


1 Shipping Labels per A4 Sheet, 168 mm x 215 mm

2 Shipping Labels per A4 Sheet, 199.6 mm x 143.5 mm




Improve Your Label Designs with Royalty Free Stock Images

Improve Your Label Designs with Royalty Free Stock Images

Following on from our last blog about how to design professional labels for free,  you'll also most likely need access to a royalty free stock image website. Stock image websites provide access to a wide range of graphics, photos and vectors which can be used in your label designs. Most stock image websites work on a credit based system whereby you purchase credits in advance, which can then be redeemed against any files that you download. Normally, the larger the batch of credits you purchase, the cheaper the individual credits are. Other sites offer a subscription service for a monthly fee, which then provides you with an amount of credits per month within the package. We've been using stock image websites for around 10 years now and we've seen numerous developments in the services they offer and quality of content that they provide. Here's a few of our favourite stock imagery websites:

iStock -

Often referred to as "the web's original source for royalty-free stock images", iStock ( is the granddaddy of the stock image world. They were one of the first websites to offer stock images and they are still considered to be the leader in their field. iStock's trump card is choice. There are almost 10 million files available and due to it's reputation in the market, new content is being generated constantly by it's dedicated and loyal contributors. We would recommend iStock if you're looking for high quality, premium images and graphics. You will pay a price for this quality, currently the cheapest credit pack is £35.75 for 30 credits which works out at £1.19 per credit. When you to take into account that even a medium resolution image can cost several credits, it can get quite expensive but overall, we think it still represents good value for your money.

123RF -

With over 23 million files to choose from, 123RF offer a great range of images to use in your label design project. Although the quality of images are not as high as iStock, they provide a great service at a more affordable price. The site is really easy to use and the search facility works very well. Having the ability to match images to your search criteria is the true test of a good stock image site. Each stock image site uses a similar method to tag images with relevant keywords, which are then picked up by the internal search engine of the site. 123RF's search system is normally very accurate and within each image detail page, further related keywords are suggested to help you find the most suitable image for your needs. With credit packs starting from just £15 for 20 credits and subscriptions starting at £69 for 5 images per day over 30 days, there's a solution to suit most budgets.

Ingimage -

We've been using Ingimage for a couple of years now and it's a great alternative to the major stock image brands. Based in the UK, they offer very competitive subscriptions with their top level "access to everything" plan only costing £589 per year. They often run promotions for reduced levels of downloads per month and we've seen offers for 50 downloads per month for only £149 per year, which incredible value! The choice and quality of images are, understandably, not the highest but the images are more than adequate for most label design projects. Like most stock image sites, there is a biased towards US based content but if you delve a bit deeper you can find UK specific content, which is essential if you want your designs to appear relevant for a UK audience. We would recommend Ingimage if you're on a budget but looking for regular access and images downloads.

Stock.XCHNG -

It's been around now since 2001 and if you've ever tried sourcing images you're bound to have stumbled across It's well known in graphic design circles as one of the last free stock image websites. The quality and choice of images isn't great but when everything is free, you can't complain! If you're starting out and have a very limited budget, you can find images and graphics within the site which are perfectly usable and acceptable for your label designs. It's simple to use, just create an account, find the images you need and start downloading. To help subsidise the cost of running the site, there are numerous links to images from iStockphoto and these are displayed directly within the search results. The idea behind this is that you may be tempted to buy one of the higher quality images offered by iStock, if you can't find a suitable image from SXC. As with any free resource, there are always compromises but if you lower your expectations, it's a worthwhile addition to your stock image resources.

How To Design Professional Labels For Free!

How To Design Professional Labels For Free!

If you want to design your own labels for your business, school, charity or community organisation, you need to have the right software. Unfortunately, the industry standard software packages such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are quite expensive and if you're on a budget, the costs simply do not add up. Fortunately, in recent years, there has been an increase in the availability of high quality, feature rich and more importantly free word processing and graphic design software. Here's our guide to some of the best free software solutions currently available, which will help you to create professional labels without breaking the bank!

Open Office -

This has become the no.1 alternative to Microsoft Office, as it offers a genuinely comparable user experience, with all the features you would expect from paid for software. For designing and laying out labels, you can use Open Office Writer, a powerful word processing package. Writer supports .doc and .docx files, allowing you to open and edit readily available labels template documents. For drawing graphics you can use Open Office Draw, which has a number of built in shapes and graphics to use in your designs.

Gimp -

Once you get past the odd name (Gimp actually stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program) you'll find a powerful image editing software package which supports all of the common image file formats. It includes all of the painting features you would find in Photoshop and a number of advanced image manipulation tools. It's ideal for editing images to be used in your labels designs and although, in our experience, the interface takes time to master, the cost savings compared to a full version of Photoshop, make the steeper learning curve well worth it. -

Although it shares its name with the universally loathed Microsoft Paint program, is a far superior alternative and was initially designed as an advanced replacement for the original software. It has developed into a highly regarded software package which has won numerous awards for its intuitive and innovative user interface. It has a number of useful special effects and a very handy unlimited history, which allows you to Undo and Redo to hearts content!

Google Fonts & Sky Fonts -

Google have provided the Google Fonts service for some time now, allowing web designers access to a wide range of contemporary fonts, free of charge for use in web pages. These fonts are also available for desktop applications, such as the ones featured here via the Sky Fonts service from  

10 Brilliant Product Labelling Designs

10 Brilliant Product Labelling Designs

We're great fans of innovative and interesting product labelling. We love seeing designs which challenge conventions and give a unique twist on a common solution. In this blog post, we thought we would put together a few examples of our favourites which use labels as the main focus of the product packaging design. Some combine great design with easy to read information, others are more focused on the aesthetics, rather than their practicality but they are all worthy entries to our list and can provide inspiration for your own product packaging.

My Olive Tree - Design by mousegraphics


Earl/Grey - Design by Jonathan Faust


Drinks by body & eden


The Coiffe Shop By Alex Westgate


Vi Novell 2010 - Design By atipus


Pesto by PRIMVS


Bee Local


Dog Shampoo - Design By Modern Dog Design Co.


Bunches & Bunches - Provisions - Design By Miller


Wines Of The World


Digital Printing From Flexi Print Shop

Digital Printing From Flexi Print Shop

When we  launched Flexi Labels back in 2010, we offered our customers a custom label printing service to provide a professional finish to their A4 sheet labels. This then progressed to offering bespoke custom size labels with a full colour printing service, with the addition of our wide format digital "print and cut" machine. As our customer base has grown, we have received regular requests for further printing services and products. With the experience and knowledge gained over the years in A4 sheet label printing, we decided to investigate the possibility of offering new printing services. After many months of research and a considerable amount of investment, we're proud to announce the launch of the Flexi Print Shop! We've listened to our customers and evaluated their feedback and as a result the choice was obvious, a one stop shop for all your digital printing needs and labels, of course! We can now offer a wide range of printing services including:

Business Cards

Single and double sided printing on 350gsm Silk Board from only £11.99 (ex. VAT) for a pack of x100 cards. Visit our Business Cards page for more details and to order online -

Letterheads - A4 Size

Single and double sided letter headed paper on 100gsm or 120gsm paper from only £19.99 (ex. VAT) for a pack of x100. Visit our Letterheads page for more details and to order online -

Compliment Slips

Single and double sided compliment slips on 100gsm or 120gsm paper from only £14.99 (ex. VAT) for a pack of x100. Visit our Compliment Slips page for more details and to order online -


A4 and A5 folded leaflets on high quality 130gsm paper from only £19.99 (ex. VAT) for a pack of x100. Visit our Leaflets page for more details and to order online -

We also offer flyer printing, envelope printing, stickers, poster printing, roller banners and pavement signs.

Visit to order online or give us a call on 01733 602 606.

A Golden Opportunity! Gold A4 Sheet Labels From Flexi Labels

A Golden Opportunity! Gold A4 Sheet Labels From Flexi Labels

If you're looking to add a touch of class to your product packaging or to give an expensive feel to your address labels, why not go for our range of gold A4 sheet labels? We can supply gold labels in a variety of different shapes and sizes. We have an extensive standard range of labels sizes but we can also supply custom gold labels, exactly to your specification, plain or printed. Gold labels are used in a number of different industries, such as arts and crafts and for premium and luxury product packaging. They're also commonly used for return address labels, giving an envelope an added feel of quality and attention to detail. Another common use is within schools as rewards stickers, it's a nice feeling to know we've supplied thousands of the coveted gold stars over the years! For more details about our gold A4 sheet label range or to order online, visit our website:

Vinyl Labels For Use Outdoors This Summer

Vinyl Labels For Use Outdoors This Summer

As I write, the rain is lashing down outside and the temperature is struggling to get into double figures, so I can safely say we're experiencing another typical British summer! I'm sure the warmer weather will eventually arrive but it's a good opportunity to write about suitable labels for use outdoors, come rain or shine! For the best weather resistance, we would always recommend vinyl labels. They offer great levels of adhesion on various surfaces, as long as the surface is relatively clean and flat, a vinyl label will apply easily and smoothly. When applied correctly, a vinyl label will remain waterproof for a long period of time, making it suitable for most outdoor labelling requirements. During the summer, we deal with an increased number of customers planning and organising outdoor events such as summer fetes, festivals, shows and community gatherings. We have our own in-house vinyl label machine which can print and cut labels to the exact requirements of our customers. Examples of our previous work can be seen on our portfolio page. For any advice or guidance on plain and printed vinyl labels, please feel free to contact us on 01733 646 292 or by email:

Which Label Materials Are Suitable For Food Packaging?

Which Label Materials Are Suitable For Food Packaging?

Following on from our previous blog post, which was about our experiences of supplying customers with waterproof labels for cosmetics and beauty products, today's post covers a similar theme and a common question, which label materials are suitable for food packaging?

We supply an eclectic mix of food businesses across the UK, who use our labels as part of the packaging of their products. From our experience, it's another growing market, especially "cottage industry" style home-based businesses, creating a range of foods including sauces, drinks and snacksGlass jars and bottles are still one of best ways to package certain food and drink products. Also, plastic-based packaging such as bottles, trays and containers are also low cost and more flexible alternatives. Good quality labels play an important part in the overall packaging of a product. They can be the main focus, for example, a large round bold design label on the jar of a fruit preserve or an integral part of securing the packaging, for example, to seal a clear plastic container for popular products such as coleslaw and chilled dips. Food packaging also plays a major part in a consumers decision-making process, a recent study conducted by Which? magazine revealed that food packaging can even convince people that food tastes better! If a label is a major part of the packaging, it not only needs to look good but also retains its adhesion to the product when put under stress or when in contact with water. So if you've been slaving over a hot stove for hours on end perfecting your grandma's legendary hot sauce, needing multiple loaves of organic bread all night or meticulously decorating dozens of vintage style cupcakes, show off your creations to the best of their ability by completing your packaging with high quality Polyester and Vinyl labels. We recommend polyester and vinyl labels as they provide a permanent and waterproof solution for food packaging. They help to create that polished and professional look of commercially printed packaging labels. We can supply matt, gloss or clear labels, to help compliment your packaging. Visit our website for more details: We also offer label design and printing service, where we can produce labels to your exact requirements. Visit our portfolio to view examples of our previous work: Whether you're producing food on a small scale to sell at your local farmers market or have plans to be the next Levi Roots, choosing the right label materials from the start can help you to create the right impression and hopefully reflect the quality of the food behind the label!

Waterproof Labels for Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Waterproof Labels for Cosmetics and Beauty Products

We've been supplying and printing labels for a number of years now and deal with a vast array of companies across the UK and Europe. We've supplied labels to many different industries and this has given us a great insight into what types of businesses rely on high quality labels for their products. Within the last year, we've supplied a large number of businesses within the cosmetics and beauty products industry.There are some fascinating products out in the market, being produced by creative and innovative companies, which we've been proud to be involved with. We've helped many new companies get off the ground, as we can manufacture these labels at a very low cost, compared to traditional printing methods.

One of the main concerns for a start-up cosmetics and beauty product business is being forced to buy high volume, minimum quantities and run the risk of potentially being left with thousands of wasted labels. We like to work closely with our customers and if they only needed a couple of hundred labels to get them started, we’re here to help. Have a look at our growing portfolio for examples of our previous work.

We can produce self-adhesive waterproof labels for newly setup (home-based), growing and established cosmetics and beauty businesses. As cosmetics and beauty product labels are most likely to be used around water, they need to be durable and resistance to water and any type of moisture is essential. Our cosmetics and beauty labels are water resistant, scratch-proof and weather-proof. We can cut these labels to any shape and size to suit the product design for any bottle or container. We can also print any colour and print the artwork on to matt, silk and gloss finish labels. We also offer clear labels or opaque labels to complement or enhance the product packaging. Most of our customers provide their own artwork but we also offer a free basic design service. If our customers are not familiar with graphic design software or do not have access to a professional designer, they can simply provide us with their logo and some guidance on the required content/text and our own designers can put together a selection of mock-up designs. We provide free PDF proofs prior to starting the printing process to ensure you are happy with the design, before going to print. Once the design has been approved, we have a quick turn-around and in most cases, customers have their labels within 3 to 5 working days.

For more details about our label printing service, visit our website: or call us on 01733 646 292.

How To Print A4 Sheet Labels

How To Print A4 Sheet Labels

Here's a scenario: you've established that you need labels for your latest project or event and to keep costs to a reasonable level you've decided to order a pack of A4 sheet labels from a reputable online retailer, such as, Flexi Labels (therefore displaying excellent judgement and impeccable taste, of course!). You have read our guide on how to design your own labels and it's now ready to go in a digital format, in the correct dimensions to fit each label perfectly. The labels arrive in no time at all (via our brilliant courier delivery service!), you load them into your printers feed tray and you're ready to print, right? Well, in some cases maybe but it's most likely that you need to do a little preparation before firing up your printer. Based on our experiences, if you follow our simple label preparation guide, you'll save valuable time, label sheets and printer ink.

1. Make sure your printer can actually print onto the labels!

We know it sounds a bit obvious but it's well worth checking in advance that the labels you require are suitable for your printer. Not all labels are the same and certain material types will only be compatible with certain types of printers. Our website provides detailed information within each product description regarding material and printer compatibility.

2. Bring your labels up to room temperature & reduce static

When your labels arrive, take them out of the box and leave them in their plastic bags ideally for around 4 to 6 hours before printing. By doing this you are bringing the labels up to room temperature, this will increase the print quality as the labels’ surface will not be too hot or too cold. If you've ordered polyester labels, take them out of their plastic bags at least 1 hour before you start printing. This will reduce any static, as polyester labels are made with plastic and can produce static, if stored in an air-tight environment for a very long time.

3. Fan & align the sheets

Gently fan the sheets and knock the edges of the sheets on a flat surface or table to align the whole batch and make it easier for your printer to feed the paper.

4. Don't overfeed!

Only feed your printer’s recommended quantity of sheets for a specific tray. Overfeeding may cause a paper jam. Make sure the leading edges of each sheet are not bent or curled, as this could also cause a paper jam. When you are running small batches of print or printing onto very small labels, it is suggested that you use manual feed trays or by-pass tray, where there is a shorter travel from feed tray to finish tray. This way the labels go through the printer at a slower speed, thus increasing the accuracy. If you're using a laser printer, try not to re-feed a sheet which has already been printed, as the label adhesive is softened when it goes through the fuser of the printer. Running the same sheet more then once means the adhesive is likely to bleed out of the labels or out of the edge of the sheet and could damage your printer.

5. Use the correct template & adjust for your printer

Download the correct template from our templates page: All printers have a tolerance in printing which can sometimes cause alignment issues when printing onto A4 sheet labels. Refer to your printer’s manual to find out this tolerance and if required adjust the left, right, top and bottom positioning accordingly in your software package e.g Word, Illustrator or Photoshop.

6. The trial run

This is important - only print one or two sheets to start with. This is to ensure the labels are being printed correctly before running off the whole batch of sheets. We've all been there, it's quite a depressing sight watching sheet after sheet come out of the printer with a glaringly obvious typo! We always put a couple of extra sheets in with your order to allow for a trial print.

7. Start printing!

You're now ready to start the printing process for real and by following all of the steps, you've done everything you can to increase the accuracy and quality of your printed A4 sheet labels.

8. Store & prepare for next time

After you've completed your printing, if you have any remaining sheets, put them back in their plastic bag and if possible, continue to store them at room temperature.

Designing Your Own Labels - Artwork Guidelines

Designing Your Own Labels - Artwork Guidelines

When designing labels for print, it's important that any digital artwork is properly prepared in advance. As with all printing processes, there are certain specifications and tolerances that need be taken into account. As a label manufacturing and printing company, we deal with a large number of digital artwork files on a daily basis which often require the odd tweak here and there. Our aim is to ensure your printed product will turn out right the first time and by following our simple artwork guidelines, you'll be doing your bit to ensure that happens.


When designing for print, the resolution of your file is very important. If the resolution is too low, you're design will appear distorted and fuzzy when printed. Although your design might look perfect on your computer monitor, unless it's been designed in a high enough resolution, it's most likely it will look very different when printed. We recommend a minimum of 300dpi and if possible, we recommend that you design to scale.

Bleed, Trim and Safe Area

There's a lot of jargon in the label and printing industry but it's well worth learning about these 3 key elements for your design artwork. See the image above for reference.


Although the accuracy of our label printing and trimming machines is very high,  you still need to allow for slight variations in the final trim of your labels. For a standard A4 label sheet, the bleed area is printed beyond the edge of your label size. For all designs, we recommend a minimum 3mm bleed extending from the label edge. By incorporating a bleed area into your design, you can ensure that any colours or images are printed right up to the edge of your label without creating any dreaded white edges!


For a standard A4 sheet label or custom label size, the trim or cut area is the actual dimensions of the label your are designing for. For example, if you're designing a label for our 21 Address Labels per A4 Sheet product, which is 63.5mm x 38.1mm, your trim area on your design would match these dimensions.

Safe Area

As the name suggests, this is the area of your design that any important elements of your design must be kept within, including text and detailed borders. This area is within the Trim area and allows for any slight variations during the trimming process. We also recommend a minimum 3mm safe area within your design.

File Types/Formats

There are certain file types which are better suited to the label printing process. These file types can include the required bleed, trim and safety area lines in an easy to read format. Our recommended file types are: AI, INDD, PDF & EPS If it's not possible to supply your artwork in those formats, we also accept: PNG, JPEG, PSD & TIFF.

Final Tip

To ensure that any text on your design is printed using the correct font, flatten the design files before supplying them to us or alternatively include the separate font files (just in case we don’t have the fonts in-house) with your design.

Welcome to the Flexi Labels blog

Welcome to the Flexi Labels blog

Hello and welcome to the Flexi Labels blog!
This blog will be used to keep you updated with all the latest developments at Flexi Labels including; company news, new product information, "How To" guides, special offers and promotions. We'll also be sharing the latest news from the printing and label industry, along with our own thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. We hope you will find the blog interesting and informative and we welcome any feedback that you might have, give us a call on 01733 646 292 or email:

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