Professional Label Uses

No matter your profession, you are bound to need labels of some kind at some point. This blog breaks down the different labels we offer and how their application might be useful in different professions.

Schools & Nurseries

Plain & Printed Labels

Many of our customers are from the educational sector, often ordering labels for diary inserts, labels for marking and feedback, or even personalised stickers with the school logo on. If you work in a school or nursery don’t hesitate to contact us for plain labels you can print your design on yourself, or printed labels on which we can print your design for you. If you need help designing your labels, our free design service is here to help.

Visit our website to start ordering your school labels today: You can use the ‘Find My Labels’ tool to search labels by size any shape, or you can use the tabs at the top of the page to search by sheet size.

Pre-Printed Labels







We also have a wide range of pre-printed labels perfect for use in schools. Keep kids interested and enthused with a lovely selection of motivational stickers, or motivate them with our specific school subject labels. We have stickers for maths, science, art, english and many more; as well as stickers with 'well done' and 'you're a star' messages. They are available in a range of different colours and designs, but if you require something different please contact us

Browse our educational pre-printed labels here:

Removable Labels

If using labels on clothing or as temporary additions to diaries, we recommend our Removable labels, as they will peel off easily without any hassle and without leaving any glue residue.

Just follow this link to visit browse our removable labels:


Removable Labels

Another profession in which removable labels are very popular, is in healthcare, particularly dentistry. The removable labels are perfect for a pick-me-up for kids after the dentist, and easily peel from clothing without leaving any glue residue. Just send us your design, or use our free design service and we'll design something for you, for example using your dentist surgery's logo.

Just follow this link to browse our removable labels:

Pre-Printed Labels







Alternatively, why not browse our pre-printed motivations labels with messages such as ‘you’re a star’ and ‘well done’ which are great for cheering kids up after their dreaded dentist visit, and they're already design for you. All you have to do is pick the material and quantity you desire and we'll do the rest. 

Follow this link to browse them:

Certain healthcare premises might also need quality control labels for indicating the shelf life or batch number of products, samples and equipment. These are also on offer in our pre-printed range. You can browse them by following this link:  

Paper & Polyester Labels

We also offer a vast range of paper and polyester labels with permanent or removable adhesive, which are ideal for bottle labelling, filing, and maintaining patient records. If you work in healthcare don’t hesitate to contact us for plain labels you can print your design on yourself, or printed labels on which we can print your design for you. If you need help designing your labels, our free design service is here to help.

Click these links to browse our paper: and polyester: labels.

We also have standard sized address labels for mailing patient results, available in a range of sizes and materials depending on your needs:


Vinyl Labels

We offer a great range of vinyl labels, which are hard-wearing, waterproof and weatherproof. Great for use outdoors, for instance recycling labels for wheelie bins or outdoor signage. Just follow this link to browse our vinyl labels: Simply select the size, shape and material of the labels you need, and either upload your design for us to print, or contact our design team to design something for you. 

Pre-Printed Labels






If you work for the council it is definitely worth looking at our range of pre-printed labels, which include various household waste and recycling labels, as well as prohibitory sign labels such as ‘No Smoking’ for public areas. We have a whole host of designs which you will find useful, but if there is anything that you can't find, please contact us and we will be happy to help design something to suit your needs.

Follow this link to browse our pre-printed labels:

Electricians, Builders & Security

Polyester & Vinyl Labels

Electricians, builders and security officers will benefit from our polyester and vinyl labels which are hard-wearing and waterproof. Vinyl labels are great for outdoor use, as they can withstand the great British weather. Great for labelling equipment that might be used outdoors, or for doors and windows.

Pre-Printed Labels

If you work in one of these professions; our pre-designed, pre-printed labels are a really quick and convenient way of attaining labels for electrical safety, PAT testing, CCTV, and much more.




Click the following links to browse what we have on offer:;;


Paper Labels

Administrators and office staff will find our paper labels are perfect for filing, mailing and much more. Whilst our paper labels are great quality, they're a perfect budget label for everyday use. 

Follow this link to browse our paper labels:

Pre-Printed Labels







You will also find that we have a variety of pre-printed labels ready for immediate use in your office. Whether numbering or lettering for organsiation; or shipping labels for posting packages, we are certain to have pre-printed labels to suit your office's needs.  

Follow this link for lettering and numbering labels ideal for filing and organising:

Follow this link for shipping labels for sending packages safely and securely: 

And Many More!

Here we've listed just a handful of professions that might find our range of plain, printed and pre-printed labels useful around the workplace. This hopefully gives you an idea of how versatile and necessary labels really are, and how much they are used around us. If your profession isn't listed here, or you have any questions about specific uses of our materials, or the design service we have to offer; please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy labelling!

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