Whilst COVID-19 has caused a huge disruption, we want to assure all of our customers that we are still open for business as normal. We have taken the adequate steps to ensure our production facility remains operational and have put all necessary precautions in place to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff, drivers, visitors and their families. Kind regards from Flexi Team.

Recycled Labels for environment friendly applications

You’re no doubt aware by now why Recycling is so important. However, the effort involves not only recycling existing products but purchasing products that have already been recycled too. This is the reason why we have sourced a label material which is not only made from recycled material but can be recycled again! We have recently added an eco-friendly product called “Matt White Recycled Paper, Permanent Adhesive Labels”. These recycling labels not only have recycled face but recycled backing (liner) as well which make them ideal for addressing envelopes, parcels, tubes as well as most recyclable packaging application. We recommend checking on recycling guidelines with your local authority.

If you are interested in free samples please request them online.

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