What is Die Cutting?

What is Die Cutting?

Die Cutting

In your search for labels, you may have seen the term "die cutting" being mentioned, as it’s a very important part of the label-making process.

What is Die Cutting?

Not just for labels, die cutting is a process used for cutting highly accurate custom shapes very quickly in a variety of materials including sheet metal, paper or plastic. It has a very quick turnaround time and produces little waste.

The rotary die cutting machine uses a customised die, or cutting tool, to cut or perforate the desired shape from a roll or individual piece of material. It does this by rolling a heavy cyclindrical anvil with the customised die over a flat, depressed surface where the material is fed through.

The control of the anvil can be very precise, so the type and depth of cut from the die can be manipulated as desired. It is extremely useful for a process called “kiss cutting” which allows a shape to be cut without cutting through all layers of the material. This is essential in label cutting, as the label shape can be cut without cutting the backing paper.

Why is this useful for you?

Although we have set sizes and shapes available on our website, it is useful to know that because of rotary die cutting, you are able and welcome to give us custom measurements and we’ll order an accurately cut die in your desired shape. A custom tool can cost as little as £30 and once we have it in stock, none of you repeat orders will include this charge, and will be quick and easy to order again.

Follow this link to order your custom labels today: http://www.flexilabels.co.uk/custom-labels-request; or don't hesitate to contact us

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