Covid 19 Guidance

Covid 19 Guidance

The Coronavirus Pandeminc has hit us all in different ways, but we want to help you reopen or continue to have your business safe for all that enter.

We have produced a range of Covid 19 based social distancing stickers, and are adding more as the days go by. These are to help guide your staff and customers with regards to the 2m or 1m rule, waiting before entry and protecting themselves with relevant PPE.

See below our current range;

WIth regards to allowing staff and customers to safely access your business we have drafted the below and some main points to help you proceed, along with our social distancing stickers to help you in the process.


Record your risk assessment

You should share the results of your risk assessment with your workforce by displaying it prominently in your workplace, as well as on your website.

Decide who should be on site

Only essential employees and people who cannot work from home should be on site, for example because they need specialist equipment or you need them to operate safely and efficiently.

How to ensure social distancing on site

You should always:

  • stay 2 meters apart from other employees and customers
  • put up signs to remind people to social distance
  • keep the number of people on site to a minimum
  • wash your hands and clothes after helping someone in an emergency
  • make sure employees wear face covering safely although there’s no legal requirement to wear it
  • make sure you have enough appropriately trained staff to keep people safe (for example, having dedicated staff to encourage social distancing or to manage security)

Where you cannot stay 2 meters apart, you should:

  • only work together up to 15 minutes at a time
  • wash hands and clean surfaces regularly
  • use screens and barriers to separate people where possible
  • work side by side or back-to-back rather than face-to-face
  • have fixed teams to minimise exposure


To minimise the risk of the virus spreading you should:

  • clean the site before you reopen
  • clean work areas, surfaces and equipment frequently between use with your usual cleaning products
  • clean busy areas more often and more thoroughly
  • restrict the use of items that are touched often
  • provide more bins and empty them more often
  • clear workspaces and remove waste and belongings from the area at the end of a shift


Full details can be found below;


Take Care and Stay Safe

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