Whilst COVID-19 has caused a huge disruption, we want to assure all of our customers that we are still open for business as normal. We have taken the adequate steps to ensure our production facility remains operational and have put all necessary precautions in place to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff, drivers, visitors and their families. Kind regards from Flexi Team.

Check Out Our Fantastic Range of Pre-Printed Labels

Check Out Our Fantastic Range of Pre-Printed Labels

Pre-Printed Labels Are Everywhere

Recently we have been working really hard to expand our range of pre-printed labels. Pre-printed labels are everywhere; in every public place, every business and even around our homes. Even in the unlikely event that you haven’t seen food hygiene labels in kitchens, or PAT test labels on appliances, then you will definitely have noticed fire exit labels on doors around your workplace. For this reason, we understand how important these are for our customers. We want to not only provide exciting labels for our customer’s product branding, but also all the necessary ones for around the business.

What We Have to Offer

We have a broad range of pre-printed labels on offer, useful for a myriad of applications. Here are some examples; click on one of the images below or the subheadings to be directed to some of the pre-printed subcategories we have available. 


Inspection Labels - As well as PAT Test labels to ensure appliances have passed their safety tests, we also offer an extensive range of Calibration and Quality Control labels.

Recycling Labels - We also have a variety of household waste and recycling labels for use in public spaces or at home.

Shipping Labels - To ensure the correct postage and handling of your items, we have a broad range of shipping labels on offer, including ‘Fragile’, ‘Urgent’, ‘Do Not Use Sharps’ and many more.

Prohibition Labels - We also have a range of prohibition labels for displaying rules of the premises and security warnings.

Promotional Labels - In addition to the range of mandatory pre-printed labels, we also offer promotional labels for retail and selling. These help indicate prices, offers and sales. 

Educational & Themed Labels - We also have an exciting and ever-expanding range of educational and holiday themed stickers, all designed in-house by our lovely design team.

You Can Help

We hope you enjoy these designs as much as we do, but we’re still looking to expand the range! We really welcome any suggestions of pre-printed labels that you need but we don’t offer yet. Please get in touch!

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